Details for the September Members-only Contest (deadline August 30) are available in the July Stanza including how to submit. Any form is acceptable, line limit 30. Be aware there’s a change in what email to use for online submissions.

We are pleased to announce that Jim Mello will be our contest judge. The topic is music!: from Bach to Rock, any genre, from any angle…mood, reaction to any artist, …musicality of poetry, wide open…musical healing, music and spirituality….worship…the beauty or not to our ears , and eyes, and heart….the music of the spheres…etc.


Winners of our May 2023 Members-only Contest

Contest: Imagistic Poems
Judge: Cynthia Brackett-Vincent

First Place – “Lunch Break” – Gus Peterson
Second Place – “The Loons” – Nancy Sobanik
Third Place – “Swatch of Memory” – Dr. Jim Brosnan

First Honorable Mention – “An Abundance of caution, they say” – Jeanne Julian
Second Honorable Mention – “Microcosmos” – Sara Eastler
Third Honorable Mention – “On November 22nd” – Timothy Richardson

Results of the 2023 Prize Poems Contests

Published Poets Prize Poem Contest
The Winner of the $100 prize: Judy Kaber – “Cutting Trees Beside Westcott Stream
Runner up: Richard Foerster – “After Listening with a Friend to Marty Balin sing ‘Comin' back to me’’ and “Early Gothic Tales

Unpublished Poets Prize Poem Contest
The Winner of the $50 prize: Jennifer Enders – “Loss
Honorable Mention: Kelly Grenier – “Diffusion
Honorable Mention: Peter Beckford – “November Sun


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